Does Wearing A Bra Cause Cancer?



History of the bra


Bandeau type bras were depicted in Minoan friezes hundreds of years ago, but then corsets appeared in the 1500s which pushed up ladies breasts, then girdles in the 1900s,where the ties were moved to the back, gave women the coveted hourglass figure.

In France in1869 Herminie Cadolle took the radical step of cutting the corset in half, making the first bra.

Mary Phelps Jacobs used 2 silk handkerchiefs and silk ribbons in 1910 to make something more comfortable.


What harm is your bra doing to your body?


If the bra had stopped there, there would not have been a problem, but it developed to the underwired uplift bras that are so popular today.

In their book ‘Dressed to Kill’, Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer explained how they interviewed over 4,000 women in 5 cities over 2 years about their bra wearing habits, and history of breast cancer.

Their conclusions are staggering!


  • 75% of women who slept in their bras developed breast cancer
  • 1 in 7 who wore their bras 12+ hours per day developed breast cancer
  • 1 in 168 who did not wear a bra developed breast cancer
  • Within one month of removing their bras, women with cysts, breast pain, or tenderness found their symptoms disappeared.
  • Those women who did not wear bras at all had about the same risk of breast cancer as men.
  • Wearing a bra 24/7 increased the risk over a 100 times to that of a bra-free woman.


Based on the results of this study, the link between bras and breast cancer is about three times greater than the link between cigarette smoking and cancer.

Singer and Grismaijer also found that about 90 percent of fibrocystic patients improved when they quit wearing bras.



They did a follow- up study in Fiji and found 24 cases of breast cancer in a culture where half the women did not wear bras. The women with the cancer all wore bras for work. These women all had the same genetics and diet.


Other studies have shown that premenopausal women have half the risk of breast cancer compared with those who wear bras.1

Not sleeping in a bra lowered the risk of cancer by 60%2

Push up and underwired bras are particularly harmful, but any bra that causes indentations or red marks could cause disease.3

Constricting bras can also cause benign lumps and breast cysts. After repeated bouts of inflammation the breasts develop scar tissue, and these are also associated with a higher risk of cancer.4

Bra cup size and body fat can also increase the chance of cancer, the more fat, the more chance of getting many kinds of cancers. 5

The process is thought to be that the bras cut off the flow of lymph circulating around the body and this allows toxins to build up.6

One of those is aluminium in antiperspirant .7

Badly fitting bras can also increase your chances of disease, so get a professional to help you when buying a bra.

Bras make the breasts warmer which might promote cancer developing. The heavier the material, the warmer the breasts become.8

Bra cup size and body fat can also increase the chance of cancer, the more fat, the more chance of getting many kinds of cancers.9

The push up Wonderbra came on the market in 1964, and that is when the trouble really started!

Many modern bras today are underwired as well as being very tight, and this metal further increases your risk of breast cancer.10


Bra wearers may face up to 125-fold higher cancer risk



In 1975  Dr. George Goodhear [‘the father of Applied Kinesiology] –– explained what he calls the “Antenna Effect.”  He discovered that by taping a small metal ball over an acupuncture point, you could achieve longer-term stimulation to that point. This led to Acu Aids, small magnetic patches that are used by thousands of doctors around the world.

But, just like a small metal ball, any metal constantly applied to any given energy channel or point on your body can have the same stimulating effect.

Below your breasts are important neuro-lymphatic reflex The one below your right breast corresponds to your liver and gallbladder. The one below your left breast goes to your stomach.

When a woman wears underwire over those points for a long time it will interfere with the functioning of those circuits-liver, gall bladder, and stomach, making her slowly ill.11

On top of that, that, the metal wire can also act as an antenna attracting electromagnetic fields, which can also increase your risk of breast cancer.


In Japan researchers discovered that wearing a girdle or bra can lower your levels of melatonin by 60 percent.12

The hormone melatonin is involved with the regulation of your sleep cycles, and numerous studies have shown that melatonin has anti-cancer activities.13

It’s a powerful antioxidant, and can prevent DNA damage, research has shown melatonin can be used for breast cancer prevention and treatment.14


What can you do?


Antiperspirants or deodorants that contain any form of aluminium should be discarded.

The underwire can be removed from some bras without much change of form or function, or they can be replaced with plastic alternatives, you can purchase them from a bra makers supply store online. You just snip the lining, pull out the wire, replace it with a plastic ‘wire’, cut it to size and sew across the top, to keep in place.

You could wear a camisole or t-shirt with a bra platform. Nipple pads would give a smoother appearance.

Spots bras can be softer, but may make your breasts warmer.

Lightweight stretchy unpadded bras are better than underwired ones.

Best of all is to go bra free as much as possible.

On the plus side researchers in Japan published a study on bras and sagging, in which they proved that a bra can actually increase breast sagging, rather than the opposite! This effect was most noticeable in larger breasted women.15

Bras do nothing to help support a woman’s breasts and could even be doing damage. 16
-“Medically, physiologically and anatomically” breasts gained no benefit from their weight being supported in a bra. ‘

Says Prof Rouillon who has been carrying out his experiment on bra free women since 1997;

Breasts would gain more tone and support themselves if no bra was used. Using a bra meant


“supporting tissues will not grow and even they will wither and the breast will gradually degrade”.

Roullion also said that the nipples lifted 7mm in a year towards the shoulder in those women not wearing a bra. The breasts become firmer and stretch-marks faded. He suggested that girls who started wearing a bra once their breasts first started to appear would soon become dependent as the supporting muscle structure would degrade.


Stopping using a bra has even helped ease back pains.

My Swedish friend has never worn a bra, and has breast fed 2 children, and her breasts still look great, even though she is in her 60s.

Just changing your bra doesn’t mean you will never get cancer, you have to lead a healthy lifestyle, but it will greatly improve your chances

Unfortunately in spite of all this overwhelming evidence in these and other studies, cancer organisations refuse to accept these findings and categorically state that there is no link. Other internet sites reinforce this, refusing to accept these findings.

Could vested interests are influencing them?

Women are needlessly having scans, operations, chemo, radiation and dying because of this on small change they can make for the health of their bodies.

Please don’t be one of them.



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