How Can I Live A Long And Healthy Life?



There are several things that make a huge difference to how long you will live, and how healthy you will be.

A doctor friend told me he had 3 brothers in their 60s as patients. Two were overweight and didn’t exercise and he saw them often for high blood pressure , diabetes, and palpations.

The other brother he rarely saw.

One day he asked one of them why the third, older, brother was so fit. The man snorted and said in a disparaging tone

‘He’s a bloody health nut! Only eats rabbit food, always at the gym, wasting his time!’

My friend tactfully suggested that those things would help him, would he consider doing them?

‘No, just keep on giving me the pills’ was the reply.

Guess which brother is going to live longer and be fitter??

You have to make some changes, do a little at a time, until it becomes a habit.

Here is a brief overview of some things to be aware of, there is more detail elsewhere on the site.


This is the most important; you must eat good, preferably organic, food. A large percentage should be raw, and all the colours of the rainbow. Protein should be limited You likely need about one-half gram of protein per pound of lean body mass.. This is 30 to 70 grams of protein a day, spread out throughout the day. If you’re aggressively exercising, or pregnant (or lactating), or older and loosing muscle mass, your daily protein requirement may be 25 to 50 per cent higher.

The majority of your food should be vegetables-the old food pyramid was upside down. Only 2 pieces of fruit a day, as it is high in fruit sugar. No wheat, or grains, very little carb. Use good fats like coconut oil, generously. Restrict or remove dairy and soy.[see Is Milk Good For You?]


At least 20 minutes a day, intermittent high intensity to get your heart pumping. Also do some stretching, and some weights.


Take high doses of vitamin C, MMS [master mineral solution] liquid minerals. Saw palmetto and lycopene for men, iron [if anaemic] for women. Never take calcium supplements, or multi vitamins with calcium in them.


Find times in the day to get some happiness! It boosts endorphins, Meet friends for coffee, read a book, dance around your living room, go for a walk, play a sport, watch the sunset.

Avoid toxins

Most of the things you put on, or against, your skin are absorbed by your body. If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, you shouldn’t put it on your skin. This includes moisturiser, hair lacquer, sunscreen, foundation, sorry ladies!! I make my own skin creams from organic ingredients. Use a pure soap washing powder, don’t use chemical cleaners, air fresheners, petroleum based perfumes. Other toxins to be avoided are cigarettes, alcohol, pharmaceutical and recreational drugs.


Use chlorella, spirulina, MMS and fasts to detox.

A sense of purpose

Find a purpose to your life, be passionate about your family, the environment, and/or your health.

Know your measurements

Not just your weight, but your blood sugar levels, iron, vitamins, thyroid, liver, etc. get them tested at least a couple of times a year.

Help others

Being altruistic makes you happy, help you aged neighbour, help out at school, your church, a charity shop.

Keep away from doctors

I always ask fit people in their 90s for advice, and so often they say ‘keep away from doctors!’ Find natural alternatives to big pharma poisons. Use naturopaths, acupuncturists, osteopaths, chiropractors, and remedial masseurs. Just use the doctors to check your blood levels. Use Google to educate yourself, then talk to a professional from a position of strength.


Find someone to love and care about. If you have no family, ‘adopt’ a gran or a child that you can spend some time with. Think about getting, or sharing, a pet to cuddle.

Don’t dwell on negative thoughts.

This can make you depressed. Also keep away from negative people, they will only get you down.

Be socialable

Feeling isolated leads to depression, force yourself to get out there, go to a class, or start a sport.

Every improvement you make is going to give you a longer and healthier life-and it is never too late to start!!


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