How To Loose Weight Quickly And Safely.


Loosing weight is relatively easy, but to get the fat to go from where you want it to go is the really hard part. First you usually loose it from your face, when you really want to loose it from your stomach and thighs!

That’s were HCG drops are so fantastic, the fat goes from those areas first.

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone usually found in the body, but made in larger amounts by pregnant women.

HCG tells the fat storing cells to change fat into energy. This is beneficial to a pregnant woman who needs extra calories, and wonderful for people wanting to loose weight.

As with so many things, some people may have an adverse reaction, so talk to your doctor first to see if they approve of this for you.

In 1954 Dr.Simeons published a manuscript, Pounds and Inches.

He used injections of HCG on his patients, and on his very stict diet of 500 calories a day of only a certain number of foods, the results were amazing- around a pound a day, without any exercise.

Now we have homeopathic drops, which are much easier to take.

The fat is lost mainly from the belly and thighs, not decreasing muscle size

After a few days the HCG stops the feeling of hunger, so it becomes a real effort to eat the small amount of food allowed.

I used the drops after I had an accident and was unable to exercise and gained a bit of weight. The diet I did was very restrictive, but the one below allows more variety.

I was amazed at how fast the fat came off my stomach, which is the hardest place to loose it from.

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Meal Plan


Tea of coffee, no sugar, low fat milk

1 piece of fruit

2 rice cakes


Lunch [around 180 calories]


100gm meat or fish

3 vegies [not starchy] in oil free dressing




1 grissini stick


Dinner [approx. 180 calories]


Same as lunch


1 piece of fruit.



At least 1 meal a day should be a salad.


Drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

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