Is There A Cure For Disease?


If I told you that a few drops a day of a cheap liquid could cure almost every disease and condition known to man, I doubt you would believe me!

Yet it exists, it is called Master Mineral Solution, or MMS.

It has cured colds, flu, autism, HIV and AIDS, fungus, mould, malaria, and many cancers. For more details, protocols and testaments look at  and

JimHumble added  citric acid to chlorine dioxide, making MMS, it was found to even cure malaria. This combination was not very palatable, and now the preferred mix is with hydrogen chloride, HCL.

Jim was persecuted in America, so moved to South America and started clinics and training there. To try and get a bit more protection from the FDA he called himself a Genesis Church, and his practitioners are called bishops, giving sacraments.

Unfortunately this hasn’t helped the ones in America who have been persecuted and arrested.

Sadly you will see a lot of scare mongering, and lies about Master Mineral Solution on the net, please do not believe them!! MMS is chlorine dioxide, produced from sodium chlorate, by adding hydrochloric acid. This is not the same thing as chlorine, which most of it’s detractors don’t see to understand. It has been used all over the world for many years as a water treatment for municipal drinking water.1

It is also used to disinfect prawns, and kill legionella in hospitals 2

It is more effective as a disinfectant than chlorine against waterborne pathogenic agents such as viruses , protozoa and bacteria , including Giardia and Cryptosporidium In mice it has been shown to give protection against a lethal dose of flu 4

The Red Cross cured multiple cases of malaria using MMS, but this was then covered up and denied. 5

The dosage used for adults with malaria is 15 activated drops, all though the Red Cross used 18 activated drops in their 100% success rate MMS vs Malaria study in Uganda, December 2012. 6

The FDA has even approved chlorine dioxide for use on food, it does not consider it to be poisonous. 7

Daniel Smith was raided by armed police, all his computers and files seized , even though he had asked permission from the FDA to sell MMS! He was arrested and could face 34 years in prison for trying to help sick people 9

So what is the problem, why the bad press, why are people being arrested for selling MMS?

MMS is a huge threat to Big Pharma because it kills/cures so many things. The bugs are killed, which lets your body heal itself.  It is also very cheap, I pay around $30. The cures are astounding, almost unbelievable.

If people start using MMS instead of Big Pharmas poisons, they would loose millions of dollars. They need to take drastic measures to stop it being sold, and will do anything they can to prevent people realising what an amazing product it is.

Ever since my Russian trained naturopath recommended MMS me 10 years ago, and  I have not been ill since, [ with an exception of 2 months when I was in South America, and hadn’t taken enough with me.]Not a cold, flu, or any infection since then.

If I am feeling ill, I take a couple of drops a day straight away, and within 24 hours all the symptoms have gone.

I have used it for colds, flu, kidney infection and detoxing.

There are many different protocols for different problems,  but my present naturopath claims that unless you have cancer, all that is needed is 2 drops of each in the morning and 2 in the evening mixed with a cup of water after 20 seconds.

For  a list of protocols go here-

Start with just one drop the first day, add one drop of HCL to 1 drop of MMS, let them mix for 20 seconds, add water, drink straight away.If you do not feel sick or have diarrhoea, gradually build up to 1 in morning, 1 at night, then 2 morning and night. Keep a little to swish around in your mouth for a few minutes, then brush your teeth, and all the plaque will be removed.

This and mega doses of vitamin C are enough to cure 90% of ailments that may beset you. Make sure you take them at least an hour apart, as the C neutralises the MMS.

I suspect that soon it will be illegal to sell in Australia. Kept in the cool and dark it will keep for many years, so you had better but a bottle while you can.

I buy mine from here-



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