men having heartattacks

Why Do Men Have More Heart Attacks Than Women?

One of the reasons men have more heart attacks then women could be due to the level of iron in their blood.

We are familiar with anemia due to the lack of iron, B12 and folic acid, but less known is the dangerous effects of too much iron. This is more common in men and post -menopausal women.

I knew some one with the extreme condition of this called hemochromatosis, not having periods his body has no easy way to dispose of extra iron, several times a year he had a pint of blood drawn, which was thrown away.

I was anaemic at the time, and thought this seemed an awful waste!

Hemochromatosis increases the risk of heart failure, arthritis, cancer, liver problems, diabetes , acute and chronic kidney disease, and neurodegenerative disorders. 1

This is because the extra iron forms a particularly toxic free radical which damage cells.

This condition is treated by therapeutic phlebotomies 2 or 3 times a year

Your body needs some iron, but don’t take supplements with iron in unless you have done a blood test that shows your levels are too low.





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