Should My Child’s Tonsils Be Removed?

I used to get a severe bout of tonsillitis at least once a year. My throat was red and raw, swallowing and eating was very painful, and I was off school for nearly 2 weeks. My doctor was all ways telling my parents that I should have them removed, but, bless them, they refused. And for that I am eternally grateful.

As I got older the attacks were less often and less severe, I also took more supplements, and from my late teens on, I never had another recurrence.

The functions of the tonsils

The tonsils play a valuable roll in catching germs as they enter the mouth. They, and your appendix and adenoids, are part of your lymphatic system.

Tonsils are your first line of defence; they become swollen as they fight your infection. They are immune cell factories producing T cells, which also protect against cancer 1

They also excrete bacterial substances that capture pathogens.2

During the polio epidemic in the 1900s children who had their tonsils removed had a 3 times higher chance of getting bulbar polio. 3

Tonsillectomy may be appropriate if the tonsil or adenoids are so large that they obstruct the airways, 4otherwise they should be left as their removal on further infections is negligible, or at the most, modest. 5

Dangers of tonsillectomy

Any operation caries a danger from the aesthetic, but tonsil removal before age 20 increases the risk of heart attack by 44%. This could be caused by increased inflammatory damage to the heart. Removal of the appendix and spleen, other parts of the lymphatic system, also has this effect according to Dr Janszky from the Department of Public Health Science of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

There is also a link to obesity in later life.6

Tonsil removal has also been associated with increase risk of Hodgkin’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and depression.

Natural cures for tonsillitis


Cut wheat and dairy from your diet as they are mucous forming. Avoid sugar as it damages your immune system.

High doses of Vitamin C fight all infections.

Take MMS and colloidal silver.

Optimise your vitamin D level, sunbathe if it’s warm enough.

Cucrcmin is anti inflammatory, take it with black pepper and coconut to make it more powerful and easily absorbed. Make a hot drink, or take a tablet.

Home made chicken soup made from bones, garlic onion and vinegar. It stimulates the immune system 7

Apple cider vinegar is anti-bacterial, gargle vinegar mixed with water.

Drink raw honey mixed with lemon juice and warm water.

I was having a session of acupuncture and mentioned that I had a sore throat. I was expecting a couple of needles in my throat, but no he didn’t do that. Instead my acupuncturist dropped a couple of drops of pure lavender oil at the back of my mouth .

Each time I swallowed it coated my  throat.

In two hours the pain was gone!















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